Physical Therapy

What exactly is “Physical Therapy”?

Physical therapy is defined as a medical science that specializes in helping the body heal from injury, find relief from pain, and increase performance in everyday activities. Physical therapy involves no drugs or side effects and achieves these results through natural healing techniques.

manual therapy


  • Soft-Tissue Mobilization
    Reduces pain and promotes normalization and healing by force and movement being applied to soft tissue such as ligaments, nerves or muscles. There may be some discomfort during the procedure but true pain relief can be found.
  • Joint Mobilization
    Increases range and motion and reducing pain through the application of force and movement to the joint. Some discomfort may be present during the procedure, but this should diminish.
  • Pressure-Point Release
    Helps the muscles normalize and circulation improve. This procedure is done by the therapist or clinical assistant applying pressure for 1-2 minutes on the muscles that are causing pain or currently in spasm. There may be some soreness initially but should steadily decrease.
  • Therapeutic Exercises
    Those that are suffering from pain, injury, weakness, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and arthritis can find hope in knowing that physical therapists are the experts in helping those with ailments get strong and fit safely. Experience pain relief, stability and movement by balancing and strengthening the muscles around your joints.
  • Kinetic Activity
    Most all physical therapists are trained to help improve movement, speed up your body’s own healing process, promote a fast recovery and assist you in increasing your quality of life to return to your everyday activities but there are a number of specialties you may find under the realm of physical therapy.

All-Natural. No Drugs. No Side-Effects.

With no invasive procedures, physical therapy is the best and first option for just about any tendon, joint, muscle or nerve problem you may be experiencing. If you are considering surgery for your condition, physical therapy can help improve the outcome and shorten the recovery time.

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